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Four ways to get natural backlinks

Posted by admin On May 3, 2011 2 COMMENTS

Google has become pretty good in detecting low quality web pages and links. If you use a link service that promises a lot of high PR links for little money or if you participate in a fully automated linking system, chances are that Google will penalize your website because you are trying to trick them.  [ Read More ]

A new study of Optify shows how important it is to get a high position in Google’s search results. The top results get an average click-through rate of 36.4%. The number of searches and the cost per click for a keyword also influence the clicks. What does this mean to your search engine optimization activities?

Would you say ‘no thanks’ if someone offered you an easy way to get 50% more visitors to your website? Probably not. However, that’s exactly what most webmasters are doing. There’s a simple thing that you can do to drive many more visitors to your site.

We’re living in a world of instant gratification: the Internet and the TV report news as it happens, you can call anyone, anywhere at any time, fast-food is delivered and consumed immediately, etc. Does this also work with search engines? How can you get listed as quickly as possible in Google’s search results?

Redefine your dining experience with Azilen Technologies’ cutting edge eMenu products. The most recent addition to its repertoire, Android Digital Menu System will bring the restaurants’ menu onto the handheld androids of the people. eMenu is available to be used on wide range of devices, be it tablet, All-in-One or customized hardware. Touted [...]

Why SEO is like wealth building

Posted by admin On April 5, 2011 2 COMMENTS

Search engine optimization is very similar to wealth building. If you do the wrong things and listen to the wrong people, you might lose everything and you might be left with nothing. This week’s article goes into the details.

Last week, Google was granted a patent that describes how Google might segment the content of a web page. Depending on the location of the content, a web page will get higher or lower rankings.

We are more than delighted to please you on the post for 1 day deals. With trade sites, you have to keep in time of money tired and crop acquired. Think about the fact that you can store from stores from all around Australia. Zazz, and Woot are just three names that are untaken  [ Read More ] is an online shopping website offering a deal each day which has been launched recently, it is a website that is looking forward to serve its customers with quality products at low price changes its products every 24 hours, in this way the products are available for a short period of [...]

A technology that will revolutionize the restaurant industry and consumer experiences A leading provider of Enterprise Process governance solutions,   Azilen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has added another feather in its cap with the launch of digital menu system ( ).  Aimed at establishing a win-win scenario for both the restaurant owners and the visitors,  [ Read More ]