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Article Submission & Copyrighting Services

Original content is what the web and the major search engines are screaming out for.

Article Submission is the way to promote your website and link that produces real results almost immediately.

Our specialists provide you with full reports to ensure that you stay on top of your link building campaign .

Your links must be ethically sourced - engines penalise heavily for spam techniques so don't put your website rank at risk!

We know how many links you need and how quickly you need them.

We developed the following Article Submission packages to help you maximize your SEO Campaign.

  SEO Bronze Package

Manual Article Submissions in 70 Quality Article Directories
- 1 Article
- Different IP Class
- Static links
- 3-6 keywords per article

  SEO Silver Package

Manual Article Submissions in 150 Quality Article Directories
- 2 Articles
- Different IP Class
- Static links
- 3-6 keywords per article

   SEO Gold Package

Manual Article Submissions in 180 Quality Article Directories

- 4 Articles
- Different IP Class
- Static links
- 3-6 keywords per article

     SEO DE LUXE Platinum Package

Manual Article Submissions in 250 Quality Article Directories
- 700 Links / 6 articles
- Different IP Class
- Static links
- 3-6 keywords per article


Writing articles is one of the most effective way to promote your website, period. This works based on the fact that that web publishers need tons of content and they like to get it for free. The good news is that this practice will bring your website to the attention of the web spiders or web-bots, that scour the Internet for content. Search Engine Optimization , commonly referred to as “SEO”, is all about attracting traffic to your website and for this the “spiders” or “crawlers” need to be directed to find new and original content.

You can effectively place “keywords” within your content so that its Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) will increase automatically, providing you with significantly increased traffic to your site. Note: You should also use keywords in your blog for the exact same reason.

Professional Writers
Our professional journalists and graduate writers know exactly how to write for the web and how to promote your link to both humans and robots. Our writers are sensitive to keyword densities and can write to any style or technical method you wish. Our SEO specialists then apply the written work to our manual submission process which sends your link out into the world wide web in a relevant and focused fashion.

Do you need Article Submission?
Anyone working to gain more traffic must not neglect article submission! It is the proven way to market websites that enhances your rank and organic traffic, without putting your investments in any risk! Try us today - everything is included.

Submit your web articles and press releases to article directories and start a flood of traffic coming to your website today. Remember that the “flood of traffic” starts with a single drop.


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