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Every website is different and has different requirements. Similarly, every business owner operates their business in a different environment and thus requires different SEO services.

You may have a small bed&breakfast targeting low competition keywords and just want to maximize your profits during tourist season or you may have a major online pharmacy competing for some of the most competitive phrases online today.

Only one type of search engine optimization service could not cover all the various needs of our clients.

For this reason we have developed several SEO services, each one of them customizable to the individual needs of your website and your business.

Please choose which type of package you believe would best suit your needs.



Guarantee & Affordable SEO Services

While our clients consider all our Affordable SEO services excellent value for the money - for some, our guaranteed packages are just a little more than they can afford or need. To this end we have developed a set of guaranteed SEO packages.

SEO Consulting Services

If you operate a large website with ongoing additions and/or modifications and want to be able to do your own search engine optimization then our consulting services are where you will see the greatest value for your money.

With our consulting services you will get everything from a complete evaluation of your website, your top competition, right down to the education on how to rank your website well on the search engines and increase the number of targeted phrases as additional content is added to your site.

SEO Training Services

For those interested in receiving SEO training or having their web development or IT staff trained in SEO we offer these services.

Our SEO training services are divided into three main categories:

  • On-site training
  • Conference & Multiple-company training

These services provide everything that you will need to not just get your website to the top of the rankings but to keep it there.

PPC Campaign Management Services

Our PPC campaign management services are designed to help you maximize the return on investment on your PPC budget. From determining the right bids to maximize your traffic, creating landing pages to maximize your conversion and creating the right titles and descriptions to reduce the required bid cost per click our goal is to help you make the most of your online presence.

Do you understand how to optimize your titles and descriptions? Do you understand how to optimize landing pages? Do you know dayparting and localizations? Is this the best use of your time?

Whether you're using PPC to generate revenue while you wait for your organic results to improve or in conjunction with great natural rankings we know how to insure that your budget is maximized and the results are positive.

Link Popularity Services

Our link popularity services are designed for webmasters who have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of search engine positioning or who have already received one of our reviews and are doing their own SEO but don't have the time, tools or know-how to perform a solid and effective link popularity campaign.

TheSEOPower will be happy to perform the link popularity services on your behalf during which we will develop quality, relevant reciprocal or non-reciprocal links to your website.

Additionally, you may simply wish to attain the valuable information contained within our Link Information Package, in which you will receive detailed information on your competitor's links, where to find quality, relevant, high PageRank links and how to maximize the links to your site from others.

Press Release Writing & Distribution Services

Press releases serve two purposes:

They help get quality, relevant link pointing to your site, and

They're a great way to get the word out about an event or new product/service

There is no doubt that from an SEO standpoint that a well-written, well distributed press release can provide a significant boost in your link popularity and as a pleasant by-product, can provide an additional boost in website traffic.

Writing a press release however can be a daunting task that requires significant time and a knowledge of how to distribute it for high exposure. Fortunately we at TheSEOPower has performed this service very successfully for a number of clients and already know how to write and distribute them for maximum reader effect and SEO effectiveness.


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