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TheSEOPower Code Of Ethics


It's important for any business to have a strong code of ethics, be it written down or just understood.

At SEOPower Search Engine Positioning we believe that it's of utmost importance to clearly lay out and live up to a code of ethics that promotes excellence in ourselves and for our clients.


Corporate Code Of Ethics:

  1. To always present ourselves in a professional manner to clients, colleagues and co-workers.
  2. To always conduct business as we would want others to conduct business with us. Honestly.
  3. To always treat co-workers and staff with respect and appreciation.
  4. To always remember that even competitors and critics have legitimate ideas and are deserving of our consideration and appreciation.
  5. To always act in the manner we wish to appear.

Client Code Of Ethics:

  1. To always live up to our motto: Results, Not Excuses.
  2. To always address client concerns and questions quickly and honestly.
  3. To always provide the highest level of service to our clients.
  4. To always act in the client's best interest. Our clients are the ones who pay our bills.
  5. To always honor our search engine positioning guarantee. It is what our reputation is built on.

These are the ethics we use to conduct business every day. We strive to provide the best search engine positioning services on the market and to provide an excellent environment for our staff and clients.


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